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All i Have
The void stands before me,
and i pace the restless shore.
On my back, spiritual dirty rags,
and my souls eaten up with sores.

But here i’ll stand howling,
from the bottom of all i have.
Faith will have to suffice,
over flesh’s hungry wrath.

Here i’ll stand howling,
from the bottom of all i know.
Faith will have to suffice,
for where else can i go?

i saw the wrinkled widow struggle,
it made my heart sink sad.
With years she moved her used-up hand
to drop in all she had.

To me just another old woman,
i wouldn’t remember in a week—
but whatever she did—i didn’t understand,
brought you wide-eyed to your feet!

Now the years have crushed,
and pride scattered in the wind
the colors of rising dawn,
and turned on the warrior within.

So on the shore
dark despair calls.
Shadows cast by the burning mansion
obscure tin crowns, and crumbling fortified walls.

And now the choice you gave
is what’s left standing at last;
The one thing i can add—my choice -
is my offering, and i throw in all i have.

This poem is © copyright by mark macdonald

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