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A Deaf Ear Warned
i watch them everyday
push ever faster toward their death.
i struggle everyday
to hold still and fast to the quiet of life.

i watch them everyday
dance like moths ever closer to the flame.
i struggle everyday
to keep my eye on you as i step from this boat.

i watch them everyday
build their tower ever higher.
i struggle everyday
to roll from my rest and put my back to finishing this ark,
and they point and laugh,
or wag a deaf ear warned.

i watch them everyday
stoke the flames ever higher under this culture of death,
and i struggle everyday
with a gluttonous pride
that leads me to write verse such as this
and throw aside,
the Love Youíve shown me -
that made You throw wide
the Gates of Heaven, abandoned,
to run and be by their side.
Cause You can change the hearts of those who donít know,
like Saul out for a ride.
But what can You do with hearts like mine,
who have taken an oath to serve ...
But have lied?

This poem is © copyright by mark macdonald

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