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Kingdom in the late Afternoon
Please Lord,
see me to the place
where how i feel
has no bearing on my faith.
Wake me
in the sunny valley
and out of this fitful sleep.
Oh, the waking and nodding—
This bed of self,
that separates me from your Joy.
For there is a place
where there is a song so sweet—
where the notes fall constantly
on the ear of our childhood,
like sun on the field
on a late summer’s afternoon.
Bear me there, oh Lord,
and look not
on the weakness of my deeds,
but what i would have my heart to be.
There is a field
in the late afternoon—
like The Kingdom of God.
There my treasure lies—
beyond this gasping death—
and the notes are falling on my ears.
And there i long to be.
There, beaten down and broken
by the stones of pride;
There i long to cast loose my own will,
and the sound of my own voice,
and to let it soar,
past the long shadows,
and into the tender sky—
for the sky’s a better keeper.
And there i’ll find freedom,
and i won’t fear anymore—
this living in freedom,
cause beyond “Me” is freedom.
And in the glow of abandon
i’ll become part of this Kingdom.
Descending, becoming lost,
and awash like a blade of grass
in this field that You promised,
if only i would try.

This poem is © copyright by mark macdonald

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