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Matthew 5:6
i wish it could be,
that i could pick up your broken
and hold them to my heart,
and cry my tears onto their heads—
and they be healed—
as once you walked and healed
so they could know your love for them;
so they could recall your love for them.
But like those who have forgotten—
i am too weak.

i know your words,
but not He who speaks.
Like those pulled down in time,
i’ve forgotten the meaning of your feats.

If only it could be,
that i could heal the poverty of those with plenty,
and give hope to those who are empty.
Reach the ones who struggle in the dark,
and those who are lonely, give Your Sacred Heart.
i wish it could be,
that i could feel as You
joy fulfilled in a cripple set to dance and laugh anew.
To give Peace to those in pain,
and assure those who suffer—it’s not in vain,
and see those who mourn smile with comfort again.
To make the little lowly ones know
how Your heart rejoices in each one’s name.

i wish,
Love to those who hate,
Charity to those who cling,
Compassion to those who can’t forgive,
Embrace for diseased and rejected,
the blinds first sight to be
that in which the Angels glory—
Your eyes,
Your eyes.

The more i wish, the more i cry
for if i feel thus, how much more You
who are so much greater than i?

This poem is © copyright by mark macdonald

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