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My Brother, My Heart
i was feelin’ lost and Rich was skipping on my old CD player
and i turned him off, cause i got somethin’ i gotta try to say
so Lord hear my prayer.

It happens on this road to salvation, in the unexpected is our weakness
and i’m ready and too long alone, waiting for the overdue Stranger
on this road to Ameas.

i thought the battle lines and sides were clear, and thus my will
but the illusion shatters when i find my foe, my brother,
and no longer think to kill.

And i stand naked with the pretense, my armor, and weapon replaced
somewhere along this road—i guess, longer than i thought—they’ve turned to rust,
and Loves grown up in their place.

And tears come as i recognize we’re one, until my searching gaze rests on his frown.
And oh, my heart cries, as i see his sword rise, my brother doesn’t recognize me,
and pridefully cuts me down.

i try to rise, won’t you listen? If i can only explain! But my brother’s a million
miles away, and the blade falls again and again—but it’s in his eyes—the vacant
malice that gives me pain.

Oh, Lord, You knelt and bled. You prayed that we’d be one. But my brother,
oh my brother, where have you been? Where have you gone? Oh, my brother,
what have you done?

This poem is © copyright by mark macdonald

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