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A Heart That Understands 
(Rejoice with ME, for I have found MY sheep which was lost! --Luke 15:6)

This morning when I am about to leave
           There's you sitting in silence
You called me and say you're leaving
Your troubled mind is crippling
While Tears from your eyes flows
That wet your bony cheek.
I can't help myself but to cry
           Tears of sadness swelled in my eyes
Tearing my heart apart
For you who lost your way
Needs a time to breathe
A break to pour out your hurts.
I took time talking to you
           Sharing what's in my heart
Looking back to your lost time
Won't help you get back
Told you to search for GOD
For HE alone can help you out.
I believe GOD knows what's in your heart
           HE will guide you my beloved
Where to walk in and stand
By keeping your heart wide open
Let HIS word comes in
That you may know HIS is a heart that understands.
If you would open your door
           And let the LORD comes in
HE will make your life out of misery
Your life would be better
Your confuse heart will settle down
Attune with HIS grace that abounds.
When your stubborn heart surrenders
           And make amend for your sins
GOD will bestow upon you
The fruit of HIS light from heaven
Awaken you from deep slumber
And wipe out all your pain.
GOD's has shown HIS mercy
           HIS heart fully understands
Every word you cannot utter
HE knows it by HIS mind
HE will bless you with forgiveness
Victorious you are in the end.
Cast out all your doubts
           And trust in the LORD
For the LORD is so magnanimous
Forsaken not you are
GOD loves you in HIS heart
HE is in control of your life!

by Florencia O. Santos
Los Banos, Laguna

This poem is Copyright 2001 by Florencia O. Santos

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