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Christian Poetry

Sola Fide
Kneeling in this sainted place
of marbled grace and spired holiness,
eternity echoes, reverberates
through vaulted columns
and flickering votives of divinity,
as angels gaze with smiles
of benign, plaster

I relax into
all-embracing Hush
my heart exhales, my worries release
into a tangible Presence
so deep, so timeless
my very soul could surrender
to that hot stillness,
that peace which passes all understanding.
So calm, yet so intimate in its attending.

Never has silence spoken so clearly,
Never has stillness moved me
with such savage yearning.
I long to drink of this sacred expansiveness,
to taste its divine mystery:
The Alpha and the Omega
never changing, yet somehow always new.

I am only beginning to appreciate
that Heart which burns continuously
with unrequited passion;
beginning to realize
that love and sacrifice
are necessarily, irrevocably

I am finally starting to understand
the boundless depth
of a Shepherd’s fierce devotion.
To see that He can never rest,
never stop searching,
until the least of His lambs
is safe within His arms.

by Lorraine Sautner

© Copyright 2003 by Lorraine Sautner

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