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Christian Poetry

The Prayer
I said a prayer for you tonight.
And doing so, released into obscurity
a fragile plea, a tiny pinpoint of grace
however small, fashioned tenuously
and set afloat in gossamer song,
heard only by those pure of heart
whose destination we could only imagine
as we watched their ships
launch from our shore
and whispered to ourselves, Farewell,
knowing we would meet again
in celestial time,
in a place whose beauty
would only break our hearts
if we could see it now.

I said a prayer for you tonight.
And doing so, sent into the breach
a desideratum, a timid firefly of hope
whose twinkling light
at first seemed pale, hesitant
as he ventured forth into uncertainty
from tarnished origin,
yet gaining speed
and brilliance as he found his
natural medium, soaring
tradewinds infused with divinity,
joining his brethren in a borealis
of supplication, a waltz designed
to move the Heart of God.

Yes, I said a prayer for you tonight,
in fervent tone with earnest wish
to reach you, however far away
you sit, in whatever words
you use to beg release from sorrow,
I will speak them, with you.
My heart a stalwart butterfly
clinging stubbornly to faith,
in solace as you brave your tempest,
together as we entreat the Son.

by Lorraine Sautner

Copyright 2003 by Lorraine Sautner

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