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Christian Poetry

A Sock's Lament
Has anyone ever asked
the soiled sock
how it feels to journey?
To walk a thousand miles
in someone else’s shoe,
bearing the taxing weight
and heavy burdens
of another
without complaint,
Marching always to the beat
of someone else’s drummer,
yet asking for nothing in return?

Fulfilling his mission
humbly, silently
he takes the high road
or the low road as he is bidden,
bending his will,
the very heel of his being
to the sole of another,
however unpredictable
however imprudent.
Feeling exhausted and soiled
his only reward, does anyone
ever say, Thank You?
Well done, my good
and faithful servant?

Has anyone ever asked
the soiled sock
how it feels to be redeemed?
To plunge gloriously
into steaming ablution,
soapy elixir pulsating
cleaning from the inside
all that is stained and tainted
from without?
And feeling again that hot release
from past missteps,
savoring renewed ecstasy
in being made pristine...

...yet knowing he must soon begin his journey again?

by Lorraine Sautner

© Copyright 2003 by Lorraine Sautner

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