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Christian Poetry

A Poem for Celeste
The path to Heaven swings down
Earth-bound, touching the surface ever so sweet
Rejoining two souls meant to be as one
Children left to do the good deeds as all children do
Strong-winds of emotion remind us how to love and be loved
Forever cradling fear in a mother's arms
This the Lord says will wash away with tears
And return to us in everlasting love for those who pass

Children are the resemblance of those who created them
In a likeness not unlike God, or a mother, a father
You will live on Celeste, rejoining your husband, your other-half
Worry not dear mother, for Elena and Joe will live on too,
Burning candles in your name, rejoicing as siblings do, in your name
Your love meanders like a stream into the lives you have touched
Irradiating joy and happiness through children and those who celebrate life
And love, family, friends, and even death

Worry not dear mother, for those who came before will now be with you
In God's arms; an everlasting embrace
Worry not dear mother, for there is work to be done, in your name
And in the eternal Lord's
Sleep softly, forever, and awake to find the beauty that envelops you
Like soft fingers
And when you awake: know you are forever blessed (loved)

by James Sturch

Copyright 2003 by James Sturch

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