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Christian Poetry

The Church
When Jesus lived and walked the Land
He prayed and meditated.
He gathered friends into a band
And many tales related.

He told them of the Father's love
And spoke to them of sin.
His thoughts were on the world above.
His words taught discipline.

No hypocrites would He abide.
No Pharisee found praise.
No sanction to the lowly scribe
When they put trick to phrase.

He spoke to all with candor.
With frankness He wrought truth.
His point did not meander
Despite His seeming youth.

He said He was the Son of God
Though strange that statement sounded.
He proved that truth where 'er He trod
With miracles unbounded.

Then when He told them He would die
They could not quite accept it.
Poor Peter hoped it was a lie
And asked Him to reject it.

But Truth Itself could not renounce,
The fate He knew awaited;
And so He had to soundly trounce
The trap His friend had baited.

Jesus knew what death would mean
And He anticipated
The church He suffered to redeem,
His kingdom delegated.

He gave His body and His blood
Continued sacrifice
Inside the Arc that rides the flood...
That second Tree of Life.

Though called "Christian" from the first
That universal rock
Which martyr deemed it "Catholic" church?
The Saint of Antioch.

Because of Peter's move to Rome
Where his successors sit
They soon called that the Church's home
And added "Roman" to it.

And that is what we call it
Even to this day.
Traditions based on "Holy Writ".
The Gospel's our mainstay.

by Dorothy E. Wimsatt

Copyright 2003 by Dorothy E. Wimsatt

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