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Christian Poetry

Elizabeth's Story
Come travel with me and picture that day
When the virgin, now mother, made haste on her way
To the house of her cousin who also now bore
A child of distinction. Did Mary’s heart soar?

Had ‘lizabeth too seen an angel, untold,
That made her heart leap at the message so bold?
See her rise to greet Mary, step out on her street,
Walk toward the figure she’d risen to greet.

How should she meet her? What could she say?
Thoughts and distractions flew every which way.
There’s so much to tell her, “My husband can’t speak”.
Mary would listen, not pry; she so meek.

“An angel came to him while he was at prayer.”
“He told him he’d father this child that I bear.”
Yet, Mary, oh Mary, your news so sublime
I dare not believe it. It far outweighs mine.

What can I tell you my wonderful child.
No! Wondrous Woman no sin has defiled.
Stretching her hands out to take Mary’s own
She swallowed the lump that had made her throat home.

“How is it,” she said, “this should happen to me?”
“The babe in my womb even leapt in pure glee.”
“How blest is my house and how blessed am I.”
She hardly knew whether to laugh or to cry.

She gathered her courage for what she now knew.
The scriptures she’d learned, were about to come true
She hugged Mary close to her, holding her tight,
Glorying in this most wonderful sight,
Despite all the dangers on roads they now trod!
“That I, such as I, greet the Mother of God.”

by Dorothy E. Wimsatt

© Copyright 2003 by Dorothy E. Wimsatt

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