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Christian Poetry

I Am Bread
I lie here in unknowing
Upon a plate of glass.
I stare unblinking at the face
That hovers through the Mass.
I am by nature silent.
That is my state in life.
I know no better than to stay.
I have not ease nor strife.
Yet even if I had a mind
I’d lie upon that plate
In wonderous expectation;
Amazement at my fate.
For have I not been chosen?
I, just lowly bread,
Been chosen by the grace of God
When angel words be said
To change from water, wheat and oil;
To transubstantiate.
To look at me you’d never guess
The awesomeness I wait.
And if I did indeed have thought
What, but “Thy Will Be Done”;
For who in wildest dreams could dare
To hope to be God’s Son?
No longer just a grain of wheat
My old life quickly passes.
I die to self completely
So God can feed the masses.

by Dorothy E. Wimsatt

© Copyright 2003 by Dorothy E. Wimsatt

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