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I am after I am repeats, affirms
there is one God, and I am is His name.
The oneness of the Three, His name confirms--
that Trinity and Unity are same.
What, then, my God, dost Thou require of me?
That I confess Thy name: O Lord, Thou art!
Yes, that and more, that I live Thy decree
and to Thy selfless love conform my heart.
Love God and love your neighbor is Thy law.
Thine image and Thy likeness we receive.
The worst of those I know art Thine. In awe,
my love embraces them, for I believe.
I offer all of me, and all that's mine.
O Lord, my God, accept me. I am Thine.

by Denis Garrison

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This poem is Copyright 2002 by Denis Garrison

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