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The Housewife Prayer

My mind swims with thoughts of
"When can I find the time..."
A moment of Peace and prayer
Thru faith, hope and love.
The dogs ravaged the garbage
My garden's have been marred.
Is that Trini's diaper?
Over in Orville's yard?
A fresh coat of "Colonial White"
Has come to meet its end.
An impressive canvas emerges
In Crayola green-again!
Peanut butter and Ovaltine
Stain my carpet brown.
Goo Gone won't work on this
Glad that thousand dollar loan I took out
For our new Kirby vaccuum was sound.
Diapers, meals and cleaning
The guilt from all my screaming.
Heavenly Mother, how can it be?
My squirming soul, fighting the flee
And yet, your Son, still forgiving me.
Creating more guilt. Stop it please!
Oh, take me deeper to transcend this life.
But, wait for a minute,
I forgot to tell the kids I love'em and "Good night".

by Heather Lynn Roberts

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Copyright 2002 by Heather Lynn Roberts

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