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Shroud of Turin

As I gaze upon the Shroud of Turin,
an awesome figure I see
An image of a crucified man,
with a face that appears so serene
Blood trickling down His long hair, and to the brow
from puncture wounds to the front
and back of His head
Where He wore a thorny crown
Every pain in His beaten body can be read
And yet, as His eyes are closed shut,
He has the appearance of a peaceful slumber
But the number of scourging marks on
His frontal and dorsal image are beyond belief!
As over one hundred dumbbell-shaped markings
from a Roman flagrum can be numbered
Appearing naked, for all to see
Yet, His hands that were nailed through the wrists,
are crossed over His male gender,
in a manner of such modesty
As the marks of Jesus's crucifixion can be clearly seen
From the crown of thorn wounds on His head,
the spear wound in His right side,
to His nail pierced hands and feet
The Shroud of Turin astoundingly confirms,
of what the Holy Scriptures say about Jesus,
and why He came to this earth
Still the controversy goes on to this day
Is this truly the burial cloth of Jesus Christ
with His image imprinted upon it?
Or is it really a fake?
Yet no one has been able to exactly reproduce
or figure out how the image was made
And if the Shroud of Turin were a fake,
still the Holy Scriptures concerning Jesus,
do not make any mistakes
But, if the Shroud of Turin is genuinely to be...
And it is being shown for all the world to see
Then perhaps this is God's way,
of putting man's salvation on display

by Sandra Lamb

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This poem is Copyright 2000 by Sandra Lamb

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