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what love is this

God is

God being of God's realms of creation

and the created oneness is God's

disunity entered the advent of humanity

another realm of creation, a severed unity too

befouling the sense of natures,

and being with God

for those, for this, for these

are gifted from God

and to God they are to true

of their inspired life, the regal realm once unfractured

angel and devil, creation to domains fled

the real realm of being with God

a near ethereal placement of placements

heaven and earth, in creation the Creator's will

sensed insensate and sent to situate self

or service

the state of life

a state of Grace, redeemed of the Redeemer

angels and devils

draw reference here from Christ

the God of God the Father's humanity

in creation of the creator's will

in unity with the Holy Spirit

what worship you do

rapture cometh true

life in Almighty God lives holy

grace shears the profane

Jesus, shepherd of souls

and shepherds just like you

God of is of distinctions in God

his eye is on the sparrow,

be sure that God knows you

by robert myers

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This poem is Copyright 2002 by robert myers

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