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The Pharaoh of My Past

I was enslaved
In the Egypt of you
By one whose heart
Was hard like a brick
And whose will was my burden

And how I have come
To be free is a story of a journey
Through a desert
Across a sea
And up the tallest mountain

I was your slave
And a victim of a will so harsh
It would not bend before
The voice of God
Until He took your son

So this song celebrates
And these words now sing
To Pharaoh's dead son
Who bought my freedom
And freed me from the Egypt of you

by Doug Tanoury

This poem is Copyright 2001

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Doug Tanoury is primarily a poet of the Internet with the majority of his work never leaving electronic form. His verse can be read at electronic magazines and journals across the world.

The greatest influence on Doug's work was his 7th grade poetry anthology from Sister Debra's English class: Reflections On A Gift Of Watermelon Pickle And Other Modern Verse (Stephen Dunning, Edward Lueders and Hugh Smith, (c)1966 by Scott Foresman & Company) He still keeps a copy of it at his writing desk.

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