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The Presence of God

I see in every leaf movement
As playful breeze passes by
Barely disturbing a nesting bird
The presence of God.

The mantle of teeming wildflowers
Adorning the once barren plain
In the changing of the seasons
I feel the ever presence of God.

The ceaseless gurgling of the brook
As it meanders down its way,
Cacophony of myriad nature's sounds
Announce the presence of God.

Laughter of innocent children
Playing in parks or backyard
Enjoying their uncomplicated simple world
In the watchful presence of God.

Amidst life's tears and turmoil
Many mishaps and miscalculations
I sought solace and found comfort
In the loving presence of God.

In the hectic humdrum of daily living
Fast-paced rat race for material gain
Insatiable yearning for more, make no room
For the presence of God.

All the world's problems and woes
Are man-made, yet unacknowledged: religious wars
Hate crimes, ethnic cleansing, violence
Conveniently ignoring the presence of God.

If I am cognizant of God's love
And serve Him through my fellowmen
Then when my time comes I will bask
In the glory and presence of God.

For in the presence of God, there is no hate
Only brotherly love, peace, forgiveness
Understanding, compassion, helping hand
No evil can withstand the presence of God.

Reprinted from Heritage magazine,
Vol. XIII, No. 1, Spring 1999.

by Victor P. Gendrano

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This poem is Copyright 1999 by Victor P. Gendrano

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