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the Roman Catholic Theology of Ronald L. Conte Jr.

The writings of Ronald L. Conte Jr., Roman Catholic theologian and Bible translator.
Here is a brief summary of my work in theology.

My blog is called: improperium Christi which means 'the reproach of Christ'.
"If you are reproached for the name of Christ, you will be blessed...." (1 Peter 4:14)
"the reproaches of those who reproached you have fallen upon me." (Psalm 68:10)
"valuing the reproach of Christ to be a greater wealth than the treasures of the Egyptians" (Heb 11:26)

Theology Books:
A list of my theology books

Theology Articles:
The Trinity
Catholic Eschatology - predictions of future events
Tradition, Scripture, Magisterium
The Virgin Mary
The Church and Salvation
Roman Catholic Moral Theology
Articles on Catholic Sexual Ethics
Proper Roles and Behavior for Catholic Men
Proper Roles and Behavior for Catholic Women
New Insights into the Deposit of Faith
A Catholic View of Evolution

Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible
my translation of the Latin Vulgate Bible into modern English using the Challoner Douay Rheims version as a guide (completed March 28, 2009)
  My Other Sites:
CatholicPlanet.Net - discussion group

Bible Projects:
Proof-reading for the Clementine Vulgate project
Placing versions of the Clementine Vulgate online
World English Bible Project - my work on some of the Deuterocanonical books [Tobit, Judith, Esther (Greek), Baruch, Jeremiah's Letter, Daniel (Greek)]

Biblical Chronology:
Noah's Flood: Literal or Figurative?
The Tabernacle of the Old Testament
Important Dates in the Lives of Jesus and Mary
The Virgin Mary's Naming Day
The Research of Dr. E. J. Vardaman [PDF]