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Be Hid In ME

Be hid in Me within My Wounds,
Within the Tabernacle of MY Heart.
Nothing defiled can enter Here,
No Fear, Anxiety, or Sin.
So shed them all MY Precious Child,
Lay them on MY Cross Divine
Where you are cleansed from all that clings
To spoil the Treasure I have made.

Enter into the Sanctuary, feel MY Life's Blood flow.
Be Born Anew made Whole and Pure
By MY Everlasting Love for you.
Be still in this Place of Rest
And let ME Teach you, Feed you and set you Free.
For I have Loved you since Time began
And I still Love you Now and till Eternity,
Where you shall Live in ME for Evermore.

by Frances Killen

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Copyright 2000 by Frances Killen

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