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In Secret

Deep cries unto Deep,
Longing amidst the Torments of this Life.
Deep cries unto Deep,
To Satiate the Thirsty Heart.
Majestic Lord reaching out from the Depths
To meet every Hungry Soul in need.
Master teach us in Your Holy Ways,
Lost in the Fountain of Stillness, Silence, and Solitude.

Deep cries unto Deep,
Enter within the Secret Place IN Him.
Deep cries unto Deep,
Fed with His Infinite Love and Radiant Mercy.
Filled with His Forgiveness, His Life, His Truth,
The Soul goes forth in Newness, Bathed, Consoled, set Free,
His Wonders causing Life Anew to spark
In the Warmth of His Presence, Infinite, Pure, Divine.

by Frances Killen

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Copyright 2000 by Frances Killen

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