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My Lenten Prayer
I pray to you Lord Jesus.
And thank you with my heart.
You died for me Lord Jesus.
From this world you did depart.
To me, you're still alive Lord Jesus.
Though you're not in sight.
You live on in my heart Lord Jesus.
And protect me through the night.
You were so brave Lord Jesus.
When they made you carry the cross of wood.
They knew not what they did Lord Jesus.
They never quite understood.
They hung you on a cross Lord Jesus.
And left you there to die.
They buried your body Lord Jesus.
So now I sit and ask why?
You could have lived Lord Jesus.
But you didn't want it that way.
You died like you were supposed to Lord Jesus.
And rose up on the third day.
You forgave them of their sins Lord Jesus.
When you were never forced to.
There's one thing I want to tell you Lord Jesus.
And it's that I LOVE YOU!

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