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    As dawn lit the tomb
    Upon the first day
    --That stone-covered room
    Where Jesus now lay--
    Some women brought him perfume.

    Earth quaked under sky,
    As angels came flown
    To ground from on high,
    Then rolled back the stone,
    And now sat waiting nearby.

    Their semblance shed light;
    Their raiment, like snow,
    Shone lambently white.
    The women bowed low,
    And there they trembled with fright.

    The angels then said:
    “Why look for the living
    As though he were dead?
    Rejoice with thanksgiving,
    For Christ is risen instead!”

    Lord, we whom you drew
    To baptism's fount
    Lie buried with you.
    Let night and death mount
    To life and fresh morning dew!

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