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    Christ led his chosen from Jerusalem
    To Olivet, and there he said to them:

    “All sovereignty in heaven and on earth
    Is given unto me in exaltation.
    Thus go and make disciples of each nation,
    Baptízing them, through waters of rebirth,
    In Father, Son, and Spirit, every one.
    Admonish all and teach them to attend
    To everything that you have been commanded.
    Remember: I will never leave you stranded,
    For I am always with you to the end.”

    He lifted up his hands in benediction,
    And there before their eyes was raised in flight
    Upon a cloud that stole him from their sight.
    As they were gazing up in sad affliction,
    Two angels dressed in white beside them pressed:
    “O men of Galilee, forlorn eleven,
    Why do you stand here, looking up, and yearn?
    This Jesus who has left you will return
    Just as you saw him going up to heaven.”

    O Christ, have mercy on us standing here,
    For we are orphans, Lord, till you appear!

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