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    Christ is our Way, our Truth, our Life:
        The Way through strife and sin to bliss,
        Dear Truth we kiss as faithful wife,
        Our new-born Life in death's abyss.

    Christ is our Prophet, Priest, and King:
        A Prophet's spring of cleansing grace,
        High Priest to place our offering,
        The righteous King of all our race.

    Christ is the Son, the Word, the Lamb:
        Both Son of Man and God, who gave
        His Word to save and not to damn,
        A slaughtered Lamb to end the grave.

    Christ is our Joy, our Light, our Peace:
        Our Joy's increase until complete,
        A Light most sweet that will not cease,
        The Prince of Peace we hail and greet.

    O Christ, our Healer, Savior, Lord:
        Christ, Healer for deaf, blind, and dumb,
        Christ, Savior from the demon horde,
        Be praised, O Lord-of-lords to come!

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