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A suspended self I wear a cross
With tremendous wealth, my greatest loss.
I look to the Sun and the Sea for the truth
And took all the fun and the glee from my youth
And placed it deep down in a heart full of tears,
Filled with hope from the pain and the joy from the years.
I call to it mostly when life seems so old.
Drink the wine; eat the host, for sunshine when it's cold.
These juices from youth drink me at this feast.
My dreams rest in the west and they rise in the east.
Tomorrow's promise is always unsure.
Today's heavenly want is never impure.
Oh joyous Now I welcome thee.
You're the warmth of the Sun and the cold of the Sea.
I forget all the past and what's soon to be.
A suspended self-whose soul is freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

by Kenneth Flaherty

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This poem is Copyright 2001 by Kenneth Flaherty

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