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By Your Breath

(Verse 1) 
I dream that You sing in the silence
Where all cries for help go unheard.
You test my love through hatred and violence
So Lord when I die I shall live, by your word.
You give me your Sun and your moonlight
And place me to stand in the midst.
I take the love You give and your Son's might
And pray for hope I can live in your bliss.

I wake with your birth and sleep with your death
Between Heaven and Earth I live by your breath.

(Verse 2) 
You stretch your morning arms wide when You wake me.
All through the night I lay here by your side.
I feel through troublesome times You will take me
Into those arms heavenly and so wide.
If I should ever decide to leave You
Give me a sign that I'm going astray.
So then at night I'll come back and be true
So silence and my dreams can show me the way.

(Chorus Repeated)

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by Kenneth Flaherty

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This poem is Copyright 2001 by Kenneth Flaherty

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