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Jesus Takes The "A" Train

I felt Jesus on the "A" today
Through the spirit of a man who sat beside me.
He had smooth copper skin, a tranquil brow, and only one leg.
The bicycle He balanced in front of Him with His hands had one pedal and two crutches attached to the weary frame.
I couldn't see how they were attached because I did not want to stare.
I could not stare.
Only the brave and willing could gaze into the warmth of His eternal brown eyes.
Some were baptized in their own tears.
I warmed my way through their frozen stare, to the silence of our hearts, where we had been filled with a relieving emptiness.
I saw through them and they through Him.
The power of His silent voice and smiling spirit awakened our highest hopes and buried our darkest fears.
Where did He get the strength to keep riding? Was it from His Father or Mother?
How far could He possibly go?
All of this I wondered.

He left my cold blue eyes on 175th Street, but He'll never leave my heart.
I felt my spirit soar from my strong and able body to an awaiting seat in the right hand corner;
"for persons with disabilities."

by Kenneth Flaherty

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This poem is Copyright 2001 by Kenneth Flaherty

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