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Astronomer's Psalm

Master of Galaxies!
Captain of Stars!
The winds of the universe
Know who You are!
Limitless time;
Unbounded space;
Numberless hosts
Behold Your face.
The heavens so vast
Yet You see all,
The birth of planets,
Their rise and fall.
Supreme Creator,
My life is as sand,
Somewhere in Time
In the palm of Your hand.
You who named stars
And taught them to sing
Hear my cry, know my name!
You are my King!
You fill the ends
Of the measureless universe,
Including a manger
To end my curse.
You carry creation
And gave the worlds breath--
You carried a cross
To save me from death!
Master of Life,
You have ordered my days.
Bow down, my heart
In humble Praise!

by Janice Jentzsch

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This poem is Copyright 1992 by Janice Jentzsch

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