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It is Hard

It is hard
To raise my hands
That feel too heavy
For the journey
And songs that thunder
From the hearts
Of others
Rake against my soul
Like knives of ice.
It is hard
To laugh,
When all my uncried
Tears are waiting
Just behind my smile.
It is hard
To come here
To this holy place
Where God's people
Would love me
If they could..
It's so hard
When my feet
Would rather flee
The Presence
Than to dance.
It's so hard
To confront the pain
And wrest it from
The stone filled tomb
Within my being,
And let the healing
The darkness there.
But I would rather
Face this hardness;
Feel the chipping
Of my character;
The breaking
Of my heart,
And know that
I am safe
Within God's hands
Is too hard.

by Janice Jentzsch

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This poem is Copyright 1993 by Janice Jentzsch

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