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Mighty God, a poemprayer

Mighty God,
I cry to you
When I don't know
The words to say.
When my world
Is crumbling
In the storm,
Hold me strong
In Your arms.
Let me lean on You
And trust Your sheltering hand.
Remember me
Before the Throne
And be my prayer.
You have cried my tears
And walked the way
Before me.
Son of David,
Have mercy on me!
Hide me in your Love
And let me hold your
Nail-pierced hand.
Groan within me,
Light the inner yearnings
Of my heart.
Reveal my darkest fears
And give flight to the
Unspoken prayers
Locked within.
Show me
That I am not alone.
Cloud of witnesses,
Redeemed of God,
Pray for me.
You who once
Were prisoners,
Remember me.
In that holy place,
Lift your voices
In my favor,
For I am lost
And do not know
Which way
To turn.

Dear God,
Teach me that I am not in charge;
That no words of mine can effectively
Change Your mind or divert Your will,
But that my submitted heart on Your altar
And my trust in You is all that is required
To change a world.
May my faith in Your will, no matter where it leads
Bring You glory and honor. Amen

by Janice Jentzsch

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This poem is Copyright 2001 by Janice Jentzsch

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