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Abba Father

Abba, Father, daddy mine,
One true God of Gods, divine,
Enthroned above, and in my heart,
Omnipresent, set apart.
Elohim, El Shaddai,
Blessed be your name on high,
Yahweh, ever God the same,
Blessed be your holy name.

May your heavenly reign of endless love,
Be here on earth as it is up above.
May we follow your way, through every day,
In everything we do and say.
Give us today the food that we need,
To sustain soul and body, this Lord we plead.

Show us how to forgive,
that we might learn to love, and live,
and lead us away from every sin.
Show us the way to the gates of heaven,
Then please Lord, let us in.

by Terence Toolan RC.

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This poem is Copyright 2001 by Terence Toolan

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