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Some people tell me,
That I'm a bit crazy.
I believe that Jesus
Died to save me.
I cannot see the world,
That they seem to see,
With nothing there but them,
And the world, that's it.
Nothing for eternity.
No truth, for what is truth,
But words that people say,
No love, for love is instinct,
And no one there to answer
When you pray.
No hope, for life will end,
And then emptiness forever.
No sense of self-worth,
Values changing with the weather.

But I see a world,
Filled with life, loving design,
Someone who holds me,
And says 'You are mine'
Peace in your mind,
And in your heart,
A life held together,
When the world tears apart.
I see trees,
fingers, a hand.
I can see reason,
Even if I don't fully understand.

Please loving father,
Help them see,
There is faith,
Hope and love,
For eternity.

by Terence Toolan RC.

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This poem is Copyright 2001 by Terence Toolan

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