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Guide Me Lord

Hello Lord, it's me.
But who else would it be?
Here I am, alone,
Trying to follow the path I was shown.
I'm not reciting prose now,
I'm writing this straight down.
I don't know how.
All I know is that you'll always love me,
Wherever I go, and whatever I'll be.
Love doesn't stop when pain fills the tide
Of anger, sweeping friendship aside.
If I turn from you, please tell me true,
That you'll set my feet on the path once more.
Please Lord, it's something I implore.
I want to love, to be good and be kind,
To share my cares and have peace in my mind.
So help me, and I'll try my best
To do what I can before I'm laid to rest.
To stand at your side,
At least so I hope,
That with the love you have given
I can cope.
But now I sleep, and I pray
That I can learn to love you today.

by Terence Toolan RC.

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This poem is Copyright 2001 by Terence Toolan

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