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Winged laud would rush to none of all our race,
Save Mary, bound to one of David's house,
That very favored daughter, full of grace,
For God Most High had sought her as his spouse.

Though virgin wonder stored what Mary heard,5
As servant of the Lord, her “Yes” was quick.
And, fervent from the start, she held the Word,
Which burgeoned in a heart a sword would prick.

God's maiden thus proclaimed her marriage vow;
The Holy Spirit came on her in power.10
Oh lowly girl the High One shadowed now,
Fruit-laden times drew nigh to fertile flower!

The newlywed rejoiced then in her Lord
And praised with blissful voice the Rescuer
Who'd raised his humble one to heights unsoared.15
Oh truly God had done great things for her!

Yet she would not know man, but him alone
According to whose plan the Son of God,
Her Lord, was born to take up David's throne,
That he might shepherd Jacob with his rod. 20

Blest womb that bore and breasts that nursed that child,
Blest most the heart which best of all obeyed! . . .
As hosts may we as well keep undefiled,
In whom, Lord, you may dwell as in your Maid.

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