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One strange but wonderful night
Sky-sundering angel light
Outpoured such glory from the Lord
The shepherds shuddered with fright.
The wingèd bringer of news implored:
“Fear not! My tidings strike the chord
For voices to sing God's birth
And bring rejoicing to earth:

In the town of David today,
A Savior is found, whom they
Have made the barest manger bed,
Your Christ and Lord to obey.”
Great troupes of angels grouped overhead;
“Glorify God on high!” they said,
“On earth let his peace now rest
On these One Worthy has blessed.”

That night such things were concealed
From kings with their might to wield,
From scholars searching scrolls unrolled,
From rich men reaping their yield,
But humble herdsmen would yet behold
Our Shepherd Lord adored of old . . .
We, Jesus, would seek you too,
As meek and pleasing to you.

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