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Old Simeon, pious and just, was drawn
To wait for Israel's consolation
As watchmen await the dawn,

While Anna, who proffered her widow's mite,
Had prayed and fasted in adoration
For many a day and night.

When Mary brought Jesus (ten tithes of love!)
To give to God at his presentation
And offer the turtledove,

Good Simeon, Spirit-inspired, was led
To temple; raptured in contemplation,
He cradled the child and said:

“You, Master, may now let your servant go,
My eyes have gazed on the dear salvation
You promised me long ago,

And which you prepared in the peoples' view,
A light to pagans for revelation,
And Israel's glory too.”

Then Anna gave praises to God with them
And spoke to all in anticipation
Of saving Jerusalem¾

Lord, let us with Simeon watch in place
And pray with Anna in expectation
Of seeing at last your face!

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