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Herod got news, something about Christ's birth--
He was no doubt King of the Jews' held earth;
Judah's foretold Infant of God might be
Shepherd and rod, setting his fold free.

Herod became frantic that day: such frail
Power and sway, riches and fame might fail.
Panic went wild, envy and hate ran rife,
Rushing to sate lust for the child's life.

Joseph received visions at night; he took
Jesus held tight, Mary who grieved. They shook
Dust from their feet, leaving behind loved lands,
Only to find Egypt and fleet sands.

Herod in rage butchered then each young male,
All who had reached two years of age, strong, hale.
Rachel in woe wept for the ones she bore,
Cheerless at sons comforted no more.

Herod, who reaped wages for sin, soon died.
Joseph had been told in his sleep: “Rise! Guide
Mother held near, child in your arm. Go! Seek,
Safe from all harm, Nazareth's bold peak.”

Egypt was past, Israel drew Christ north;
Jesus as new Moses at last came forth . . .
Lord! in your tracks, fleeing offense, we roam
Deserts immense. Carry us back home!

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